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Wednesday, September 16th, 2015


and then Saturday, September 19 we will be in western Massachusetts at Andy and Carol's.  If you know those crazy kids, then you know what's up - Jaegerbombs and Jello shots and sleeping under the pool table.  If you don't know them, well you best try and meet them or you will be spending your Saturday mowing the lawn and trying to figure out where it all went wrong.
Now, back to the matter at hand.  We're having an Irish wake for the Beachcomber this Friday:

Nice work by Larry AKA Kenny on that video, huh?  Yup, it's been a long run, longer than most, but all good things must come to an end.  I could go all Dylan Thomas on you and ask the Beachcomber to "rage, rage against the dying of the light" but lets go with Irving Berlin and say "the song has ended but the melody lingers on ..."  And there you have it.
I ranted last time about the demise of not only the Beachcomber, but the club scene and culture in general, so I won't bore you with more of that.  But, we here at Clutch Grabwell Industries have a great deal of respect for the place, a place we have dedicated lots of time, sweat, blood, energy and madness to over the years.  It was a great trip, and to celebrate ... I am dead serious here ...
... limited run ...
... on sale Friday night ...
... the Clutch Grabwell vs The Beachcomber commemorative t-shirt ...


Whatchadinkjesh?  See, this is how much we love the place.  I bet all the other bands are stealing photos off the wall, if they even decide to show up.  Damn, I was hoping to go an entire update without being bitter.
BACK TO BEING HAPPY!  Can't wait to see folks this weekend!  Remember, keep it greasy so it goes down easy ...
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

A Final Goodbye to The Beachcomber … Friday, September 18 …

Well, there it is. This is it.  After all the speculation and newspaper stories, the Beachcomber is retiring to join some of its friends like the Yardrock, the Alternate Route, The Odyssey, President's Rock Club (and whatever the hell else it was called), TTs, Johnny D's and the cornucopia of clubs that thrived for awhile, but eventually moved on.  The Beachcomber was definitely the elder statesman in the batch - 57 years I think?  That's one hell of a run for a live music club in this day and age of - let's face it - shit.  Seriously, the final shows at the Beachcomber are looking like a regular month from back in the day - Mudhens, Cattunes, us ... all they need is one of PD's bands and some of the GB bullshit from back in the day and it's September 2001.  Where are all the new bands that busted their asses, played well, and got people out to the club over the last 15 years?  I guess they were too busy on their Macbooks trying to write some fresh beats or auditioning for American Idol or any of those throwaway shitshows.  Good luck next generation, you guys are fucked.  See, even if someone under the age of 25 does form a band that's any good, there will be nowhere for them to play, save a few "indie shows" at the Allston basement of some fat girl and her fat roommates and then the band will have to blast them a few in order to say "hey, thanks for the PBRs and Domino's, oh, and the place to play out electronicascreamocore rubbish for you and your sweaty friends."  Does that sound like a good time?  No?  Good, because it isn't.  No one should have to prostitute themselves to get their music heard, unless it really does suck, and it that case, fuck them.  But, what I'm trying to say is while you dopes sat behind your computers stealing the latest Drake record and playing Call of Duty on the Xbox, you assisted in developing the cultural wasteland you're in now ... so, no more live music venues for you, but I'm sure the lobster mac and cheese will be delicious.  Make sure you post a review on yelp!  Assholes ...
Anyway, after some schedule shifting by a few of the guys, we have graciously accepted Friday, September 18th as the last night we will lug our stuff in there, set up, sit on the patio and crush Bud Lights (a term I used here years ago since stolen by a millionaire country singer, yet again proving that I am doomed) and play a fucking rock show.
Can’t wait to see some folks and wax nostalgic over the good times had over the years:
- the grouchy lady that used to waitress the far side of the dance floor – she was the best …
- the tooter girls back in the day (hey now)
- getting thrown out for trying to crowd surf back in the mid-90s
- getting drunk at the bar
- getting drunk on the patio
- getting drunk on the wall across the street when I was 14 ...
- the parking lot that turns into a swamp when it rains
- girls almost getting arrested for assaulting a police officer
- Joe Buck playing air guitar on his Budwesier bottle (“C’mon Tony! You wrote this one!”)
- Schlitz and Old Spice
- wannabe strippers getting splinters on the wooden posts on the dancefloor
- wondering what the stage looks like under the sticky rug
- stumbling through the club wondering “am I drunk, or are the floors just really warped?”
- the sinking feeling of dread when you realize you might have to go #2 in that bathroom …
In the end, The House That Jimmy Built is an institution, a part of Quincy history and lore. So, join us for one last time around the ring at the Beachcomber, formerly known as Nostalgia, formerly known as the Beachcomber.  We'll spin some yarns about the good old days and pound a few.  Don't screw this up.  See you there!
Thursday, July 9th, 2015
That's right!  You have no excuse not to come out. It's Friday, Jeff just quit his job, and it's almost Mark's birthday!  Don't screw this up!
Sunday, June 28th, 2015


Damn!!!  It's been awhile, and yes, I have been quite derelict in my webpage duties.  So sue me.  Here's the deal - we are still alive, everyone is OK, and we are as ready as we ever have been to rock your fahkin' socks off.  Ain't that right, Shineydemon?  So here's the scoop:
If you are of the western Massachusetts persuasion, particularly near the West Brookfield realm, we will be playing on Thursday, July 2 at the West Brookfield bandstand as part of their Fourth of July celebration. I think the weather is supposed to be awesome!  More info is here: https://www.facebook.com/WestBrookfieldBandstand
We will start playing at 6:30pm and going until they shut us down.  So there.  Let's go.
After that, we will be playing July 10 at the Tinker's Son in Norwell.  Step up South Shore folks!  We will blow the roof off.  Not a threat, a promise.
Love you guys and we can't wait to see you soon!  Can't wait!!!!
Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Friday, May 1 at The Lucky Dog in Worcester

OK, more later ... Worcester here we come again so be ready ...
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