"... more focused and dangerous than ever ..." - wt&g

Clutch Grabwell is:
John Boyle - vocals
Mark Campbell - guitars
Tony Dintino - drums
Lennie Peterson - trombone
Jeff Campbell - bass
Paul Duffley - live sound
Rich Eames - video

Clutch Grabwell's explosive sound and intensity is unlike anything else. Their relentless energy and swagger are the foundation of a raging live show that has gripped crowds from Boston to Los Angeles. Their unparalleled mix of hard rock and pop has earned praise from fans and critics alike.

The band features guitarist and leader
Mark Campbell, lead vocalist John Boyle, Lennie Peterson on trombone, guests such as John Vanderpool and Tom Hall and the bass and drums of Jeff Campbell and Tony Dintino. Mark is the award-winning composer and arranger of Clutch Grabwells music and lyrics, and his work has been featured on film, radio and television, including NBC, ESPN and NESN.

John's dynamic stage show and powerful vocals have been hailed in the press as everything from "song growler deluxe" to "down-right possessed". The rock-solid rhythm of Mark on guitar, Jeff on bass and Tony on drums drive John's face-first stage act. Andrew on sax and Lennie on trombone are the horn section rounding out the sextet and bringing the full-speed-ahead, straight-out-of-the-gate sensory experience that can only be described as
Clutch Grabwell.


Press Quotes

"... One of the best high-energy club bands around." - The Boston Globe

"This unheralded sextet has become one of the treasures of the New England Music Scene." - The Patriot Ledger

"... from Geek chic to downright possessed ... Clutch Grabwell stomps on it." - Worcester Telegram and Gazette

"Clutch Grabwell delivers the most satisfying rock and roll on the club scene today." - Springfield Union News

"This ain't ska/punk, it's more traditional and it rocks." - The Boston Globe

"You can't go wrong with Clutch Grabwell, the only  band in the world who somehow manages to please everyone." - The Phoenix

"... get your butt out to the clubs and let em show you how its done live." - DigitalCity.com

"Besides putting on an outstanding stage show, Grabwell's intense, horn-driven songs exude power." - The Sentinel

"Clutch Grabwell is more focused and dangerous than ever." - Worcester Telegram and Gazette